The Artings of ME
Currently working on: Drawing all 50 State Birds

My name's Mandy Everham. Sometimes I doodle. Sometimes I post those doodles here.

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  • Squidbillies Hat + Pin by M-Everham

    Took a break from the 50 state birds to make an Early Cuyler pin for the Squidbillies hat I made for my husband.

    Acrylic Paint

  • I’ve recently added a few of my birds available as prints to my etsy shop. Check it out: The Artings of ME

    Is there one I’ve posted that you’d like to see in the shop? Let me know! I’d be happy to add it!

    Also, all of my birds (and many of my other works) are available in more sizes and as postcards, mouse pads, coasters, magnets, and greeting cards in my deviantART shop: M-Everham Prints

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  • Did another study.

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